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About Us

Flux Rose Ltd is an electronics and electrical engineering design company and consultancy. The company’s strength is its agile approach to design, development and manufacturing.

The company has established a business model that recognises opportunities and good ideas, which reflects is some of the developments the company has been involved in and remains involved in.

Primarily we develop electronic components and systems for the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics markets. Flux Rose Ltd has many years industry experience in these fields and can also offer troubleshooting, management systems and process improvement consultancy – sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can really help. We have worked with both UK and offshore manufacturers for PCB and complete product manufacture.

"We are committed to getting good ideas and products to market and recognise that sometimes a calculated risk may help make that happen"

The following list is a snapshot of our current working arrangements that are working well and assist customers to meet their needs whilst sharing some of the risk. If you are interested to discuss further please contact us.

  • Paid design and development work, the customer owns the IPR and the contract reflects this.
  • Developer agreements – Flux Rose Ltd design and develop products for customers that may not have the development skills in-house but have the route to market in place with a high degree of sales prospects. In exchange for these services FR Ltd receive a % of gross margin on future sales and the client arranges manufacturing and distribution.
  • Flux Rose Ltd retains IPR and charges a small fee to cover prototyping costs and supplies finished product to the customer