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Case Studies

Access platform controller

We developed this product for a vehicle converter in the UK that was keen to have UK based suppliers. The client currently had a complex control system that was quite expensive. We worked with the client to understand the specification and developed a microprocessor based ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that improved functions and reduced complexity and cost of their product. FR Ltd supplies this product to the client in volume quantities. We developed the ECU to be compatible with other products and be easily configured (via software) to operate in other applications.

Networked PDU

We developed this product for a specific defence customer but with other customers in mind and retained the IPR. This product is designed to be a remote controlled, remotely monitored 19” rack mounted power distribution unit. The product is a 1U design with 1 or 3 phase inputs and 10 single phase outlets. Each outlet is filtered and has dual redundant switches to control the outlet. Each outlet has voltage input/output monitoring and current measurement for each outlet. The unit contains its own temperature and humidity monitor and the whole unit is Ethernet connected for network connection.

Wi-Fi Ceiling Rose

This product is an internal R&D product project, home automation is high growth area and we felt that a ceiling rose with some integral sensors that can share data as well as control the room light was a good idea. So we developed a Wi-Fi connected ceiling with the same footprint and connection terminals as a regular ceiling rose and integrated a PIR sensor that can be linked to security systems, temperature and humidity sensors that can share data with HVAC systems.

Hydroponics PLC

Under a developer agreement we have designed, developed a programmable device that is connected to a phone or tablet and enables the user to programme a growing cycle for many different preinstalled plants, fruits and vegetables or develop their own cycle. The device then controls heating and cooling, lighting, CO2 dosing, nutrient dosing, air handling fans; the unit also measure temperature, pH, EC, humidity, CO2 concentration and light levels.

Air Pro Fan Controller

This product is now established in the market and was developed to be a low cost volume product, we designed the unit, wrote the software and selected the offshore manufacturer to produce the finished product.

Ballast Test Equipment

A customer came to us with a requirement to be able to measure accurately the output of electronic lighting ballasts, the customer imports these parts from low cost offshore manufacturers and the claims of the manufacturer are sometimes exaggerated. The challenge is that the output of these devices is relatively high power and the output is switched at very high frequencies, we developed the test equipment to enable the customer to accurately measure the potential products they were planning to distribute.

Motorcycle Lighting ECU

This product was developed to offer improved functionality, primarily to motorcycles, but is also a building block that could be adapted to other applications. The ECU contains an orientation sensor so that the motion of the vehicle can be interpreted to switch lights on and off, namely indicators. This ECU could be used just as effectively on any vehicle to cancel indicators or switch other services depending on the orientation, speed and position of the vehicle.

Switch Timer Sticking relay contacts consultancy

We are predominantly a design company but we are also an experienced consultancy with many years engineering experience with good troubleshooting skills. A customer came to us with a product that had a high warranty return rate, we analysed the design, offered some easy fixes and produced some samples for test. The results were a significant reduction in warranty returns and an improvement of the product reputation.