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Engineering & Management Consultancy

The key to any successful business is having the right processes and using the right tools to work efficiently and maximise profits Flux Rose Ltd can help to ensure that value is derived from your PMO, Projects, Programmes and Teams.

It is easy for a business to become inefficient when it grows and sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can identify problems that are not so obvious to the business itself. We provide bespoke solutions that help in improving Project and Business practice & skills to ensure you deliver efficiently.

We can help with business issues that are technical in nature that may affect your bottom line. We have the experience and knowledge to investigate engineering failures, process improvements, introduce new tools and methodologies that could enhance your business.

Are you considering a new product idea? Sometimes it’s worth sitting down with someone less involved to discuss ideas that you may not have considered?

We also have a breadth of knowledge in value engineering, continuous improvement, outsourcing services and tasks that may not be your core business and sometimes you can be too close to a problem to see a solution.

If you have a problem and think we could help then please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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